AKS Energy Performance
AKS Energy Performance

Our mission is to optimize benefits for the building owners and tenants.

Boost Equity Value

  • Increase your cash flow and lease revenues.
  • Maximize the Cap rate and NOI of your overall building performance.
  • Gain a competitive edge to increase tenant retention.
  • Increase your store sales.
  • Provide better and more efficient working environment to enhance employee retention.

Energy Audit & Retrofit

  • Full Service Lighting & HVAC Energy Retrofitter
  • Energy Audit, Energy Planning, Energy Efficiency Design & Installation
  • We function as a neutral and unbiased auditor.
  • Our energy efficiency experts will audit all of your building's Lighting, Mechanical (HVAC), and Control Systems and deliver a comprehensive report with solutions to reduce energy consumption and unveil hidden income.
  • Our project managers work with highly qualified vendors and contractors to ensure a turnkey retrofit for building owners that complies with all current building codes and regulations.
  • Our financial services team negotiates and submits documentation to utilities and government agencies on behalf of the owner to take advantage of all available rebates, subsidies, and financing.
  • 100% retrofit cost financing available with zero financial impact for the owners and tenants (subject to meeting all criteria of the credit approval).

AKS Energy Performance Energy Specialists

Hiro Hino
Division President


Hiro was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan and has lived in Seattle since 1981. He earned a B.A. in Economics at Willamette University, and later earned a B.A. in Business & Commerce at ICC-Tokyo. He has over 25 years of diverse experience in real estate development, investment, and asset management, and is dedicated to achieving positive business results that exceed clients' profit projections.

Parent Company, AKS Architecture, was founded in 1953 by Seattle’s renowned architect and real estate developer, Ralph Anderson. Mr. Anderson was personally responsible for initiating and leading the historic restoration and preservation of Pioneer Square. He is also well known for his inspirational Northwest Style in Residential Design, and for his innovative work in Hawaii, Turkey, Mexico, and Japan.

AKS has a broad client base and is experienced in a variety of project types including: Commercial buildings, Flex Light Manufacturing Buildings, Retail, Factories, Warehouses, Multi-Family and Single Family Residences, Hospitality and Recreational Facilities, High Security and Educational Facilities, State-of-the-Art Computer and Advanced Communication Facilities, Laboratories, Training Centers, Corporate and Administration Buildings and extensive Historic Preservation and Renovation work.

Under the innovative leadership of Division President Hiro Hino, AKS Energy Performance provides turnkey energy audit and retrofit services for building owners interested in increasing their equity value.

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